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Rotor blade service

Rotor blades are some of the parts of a wind energy unit that are most exposed to the force of the elements and environmental influences. Working on rotor blades requires great experience and expertise.


Highly-qualified employees trained in the specialist field and the use of rope Access techniques draw up an individual, expert assessment for all blade types and towers - and every application purpose.


Range of services:


- Repair and maintenance of rotor blades of all Kinds

- Internal & external rotor blade assessment with photographic documentation

- Lightning protection measurements

- Examination of blade Connections for damages and seal

- Inspection of the tip mechanism and guide cones

- Examination f Drainage openings


With the use of rope Access and platforms our service Team is able to promptly recognise even small defects, rectifying these quickly and economically. This is the only way to prevent them from developing into significant Areas of damage. Possible negative consequences of this would be significant downtime.


Our maintenance concept enables you to reduce the costs of extensive repairs.