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Flange processing

For many years now our parent company, AMBAU GmbH, has been a leading manufacturer of towers and foundations for the wind energy sector. This extensive experience has been utilised in the meantime to develop quality improvement measures, including the retroactive processing of tower flanges using a mobile surface milling unit.


This facility enables us to work on flanges with a maximum diameter of 6,000 mm and reduce the rippling and incline to a minimal permissible level. Ideally, this work is performed directly at our plant, for example on foundation components and tower sections, in both vertical and horizontal versions.


Should it prove necessary to work on a foundation component that has already been installed on the construction site, reworking of flanges is also possible offshore and onshore with provision of the necessary auxiliary crane and adequate power supply. Many manufacturers use post-processing of tower and foundation flanges at the plant and on the construction site to improve their quality. Our mobile milling units are ideally equipped to conduct high-quality work to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.