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Corrosion protection

Permanent moisture, high salt levels, intensive UV radiation and mechanical stress from waves: offshore wind turbines are exposed to the continuous effects of the weather and the tower preservation demands are correspondingly high. The slightest damage to the coating system results in significant corrosion damage in the shortest of times. Moderate corrosion should be identified and removed promptly in both the offshore and onshore fields.


Our specialists remove rust and rust film without residue and rework the damaged surface accordingly. Using special high-pressure cleaning technology based on micro sponges we combine the absorbing power of a urethane sponge with the cleaning and cutting power of standard blasting agents. This enables 95 percent of the sponges to be recycled. This is gentle on the environment - and on your pocket.


Continuous maintenance and immediate repair are especially important. Because the slightest damage to the coating system can otherwise result in considerable corrosion damage here in the shortest of times.