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We offer the assessment of rotor blades and corrosion protection. Highly-qualified employees trained in the specialist field and the use of rope access techniques draw up an individual, expert assessment for all blade types and towers - and every application purpose. Upon request repair instructions can also be included within this, enabling customers to also issue corresponding repair orders. We will be happy to assist you with enquiries and assessments.


Range of services


  • Internal and external rotor blade assessment
  • Lightning protection measurement
  • Examination of blade connections for damage and seal
  • Inspection of the tip mechanism and guiding crowns
  • Examination of water drainage openings
  • Drafting of a detailed damage appraisal report with photographic documentation
  • Tower and blade cleaning work (interior and exterior)
  • New coatings
  • Repair of permanently elastic seals
  • General installation work (installation of points etc.)
  • Inspection of the tower for corrosion and damage
  • Corrosion protection - evaluation of coating for structure and layer thickness
  • IRepair of laminate and gelcoat damage, blowholes, factory damage and damage in transit
  • Replacement of flow-relevant components
  • Signal coatings
  • Attachment of erosion protection foils