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25.11.2009 Full Siemens power for the star of the south

9000 light emitting diodes on the wind turbine

Munich - The wind can be a real devil at times. There was a very strong wind yesterday - with speeds of up to 80 kmh. It was impossible to work on the wind turbine in Fröttmaning at that height. Siemens are just in the process of constructing spectacular advent illuminations there. Diodes will then project the motifs of the multimedia artist Michael Pendry into the Munich night sky until New Year’s Eve.

Project manager Olaf Dostalek (41) took the bad news in his stride yesterday. "The weather gods have slightly scotched our plans but we will have finished the work by Thursday.”

Fortunately the main task has been completed. 30 employees have stuck 9000 light emitting diodes to the wind turbine sails in the past few days. Yes they really stuck them on. The two component adhesive keeps a weight of 50 kilograms in place over an area of 6 x 6 millimetres.

It has to as well. A force of up to 20Gs acts upon the blades as they rotate – a rollercoaster is only allowed to generate a maximum of 6Gs. The diodes will have to withstand this maximum centrifugal force as the wind turbine can only generate a uniform image if it is rotated quickly. Wolfgang Ranft (BILD)